TOP Team is looking for freelance writers with printmaking knowledge and experience!

If you have anything you’d like to share, please contact us today and you could be featured on this blog. is a new website but has already received thousands of visitors from all over the planet.

Here you can count on thousands of views and you have the chance to be seen and heard within the printmakers community worldwide.

All articles must include at least 3 photos which meet our quality standards. We prefer original images but, if images are pulled online they must be creative commons.


What do you need:

– Pitch your idea before submitting an article to make sure it fits with what we are looking for and is not duplicate content

– Maintain a casual and friendly tone

– Use easy-to-understand language and terms to explain more complicated concepts (our site is visited by all kind of printmakers and art lovers, beginners included!)
– Excellent grammar

– How-To articles must include step-by-step photos


What do you get:

– We will make the necessary correction and improvement, and if you want to write in Portuguese or Spanish, we will do the translation into English, so don’t be afraid.

– For an article you will receive a byline and link back to your personal website, blog, or portfolio and credit on all of our social media.

– If you are an artist and develop content about a particular technique or review about a particular product we will also include an article about your own art work.


Here’s what we’re looking for:

– TOP Reviews (Tools, Paper, Inks, etc.)

– TOP How To Articles

– TOP Printmaking techniques

– TOP Interviews with well-known printmaking artists


If you are interested in contributing to this project send us an email today to


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    This sounds fair. I will hold a Workshop in Moku Hanga with Ukiyo-e style japanese tradition technique in Lisboa, March/April this year.
    Not to be missunderstood to make traditional japanese prints, but only learn how to use this technique for your own artistic development.
    I could write something about that experience in April.
    I have about 40 years experience of different printing texhniques, some of what I have discovered myself, even though others may have discovered it too. I could write about that too.
    Maybe I see you in Lisboa?
    Thomas Hallon Hallbert

    • Reply

      Hello Thomas. It’s great to have you here!
      We already knew about this workshop, and already advertise it on social networks.
      We know “Contraprova” well and certainly have some friends in common because a member of our TOP team is in Portugal and may even be able to be with you personally.
      The idea of writing about this subject interests us a lot because we don’t have knowhow in these techniques.
      It might be a good idea to develop your article on the theme before the workshop, so that it advertises and maybe even find other places to repeat it. Think about it!
      Lisbon is a trendy place, and with your article you might be able to have some travelers here looking for you there. 😉
      In fact, we have a good base of followers in Portugal and Spain!
      We will be waiting for your contact.

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    Als Holzschneider (Xylograph) hätte man viel zu schreiben. Wie Themen entstehen, wie Platten geschnitten werden etc. und welche Tricks es gibt, einen Druck noch zu retten, aber leider fehlt die Zeit, dies alles noch in Englisch zu übersetzen. Es ist schön, dass solch ein Projekt entsteht und ich werde
    Eure Artikel aufmerksam lesen. Viel Glück und eine gute Zeit
    Brigitte Iseli-Neustäbler aus Basel – Switzerland

    • Reply

      Hallo Brigitte,
      Danke für den Besuch!
      Wir haben kein Mitglied mit Deutsch als Muttersprache, aber wenn Sie uns Ihren Artikel schicken, werden wir ihn sicherlich übersetzen und in das Projekt einbinden können.
      Wenn Sie interessiert sind, kontaktieren Sie uns per E-Mail.

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    I’ve been putting together writings on a printmaking focused critical theory guidebook following a class I have developed at Purchase College called ‘Concepts in Print Media’. It’s sort of a primer, with topics (technology, machine, multiple, reproduction, language, authenticity, repetition, communication, distribution, democracy, print media, etc.) discussions, readings, and then assignments. Does this sound like something you are interested in? Could be just a critical theory essay topic and how it relates to printmaking, or could be more expansive to include projects proposals, etc. Rob Swainston

    • Reply

      Hello Rob,
      Nice to have you with us.
      Very interesting … We will send you an email following this comment and we will certainly be able to work together. 😉

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    Hi My name is Trisha,
    As an Indian artist, I have been working to incorporate natural textile dyeing and Indian art with printmaking. I have been exploring dyeing fabric with natural pigments (indigo, madder, and tumeric) and then making paper. I’m exploring how to dye fabric using traditional Indian techniques and then print collographs on them. I explore embellishing prints with embroidery. I am very interested in communities that share their heritage through craft, and looking at ways to incorporate that into fine art. While craft is looked down upon as artist have to distinguish themselves to ask for higher prices, craftsman are the artists of many cultures. By excluding them from the fine art narrative the art world risks losing diversity in the medium. And many craftsman are leaving trades for many more industrial jobs due to the hard nature and low pay of the work.

    • Reply

      Hello Trisha.
      We totally agree with you.
      Any chance you could write a little about your work?
      We will send you an email to continue this conversation. 😉

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    Who are you? Where are you? May I suggest that you should put dates on everything. It is hard to put things in perspective.
    Also, what does “TOP” stand for?
    Your offer of translation suggests you are somewhere outside the US?
    How often do you publish?

    • Reply

      Hi David,

      My name is Daniel and I am one of the people behind the project.
      We don’t want to be associated with a single person or location because the purpose of this project is to create a global community of printmaking artists and lovers.

      I am Portuguese and I live in Portugal. I am passionate about printmaking and about 10 years ago I created a project that had the collaboration of several artists around the world. This project, although on a small scale and very directed to Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries, was an excellent opportunity to create a network of contacts that led us to create the TOPprintmaking project this year. (You can find the blog of the project here — » )

      Answering your questions…
      Dates are placed in all posts. If you look at the top of each publication you can find the date.
      TOP was the chosen name and refers (in the dictionary) to:
      – the highest surface of something.
      – a thing or part placed on, fitted to, or covering the upper part of something.
      – be more than.

      The aim of the project is to create a platform for study, discussion and sharing for all printmaking lovers and artists.

      We started thinking about the project at the beginning of the year (more precisely on New Year’s Eve) and the site was launched in February 2018.
      At the moment we have 16 posts published and several to be prepared.
      In the initial objective we defined the goal of creating 3 weekly posts but in fact we have not been able to maintain this pace (mainly in the last weeks).

      Thanks for your comment, and if you have anything to add don’t hesitate to respond. We love feedback because that’s what makes us better every day! 😉

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