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Printmaking Art Projects –  Joseph Gerges “QUIETUS”

Printmaking Art Projects – Joseph Gerges “QUIETUS”


Printmaking Art Projects – “QUIETUS”

by Joseph Gerges

My name is Joseph Paul Gerges. I am an artist living and working in Los Angeles, CA. Over the last 6 years, I have embarked on a journey into printmaking that touches on the breadth and depth of the scope of the art form.

My art is inspired by personal, real-life experiences – the loss, pain, and suffering that has touched the lives of both my daughters and me over these last six years. These experiences are not unique to me or my family, as they affect people everywhere. It was for this purpose that I felt that creating this artwork was necessary, a visual statement that helped me heal and find substance in my life- and I felt it could affect others similarly.

The work I have created is purpose driven, deeply considered, and finds its roots in the great masters of old. The etchings and prints were created in homage to greats I admire like Rembrandt, Kathe’ Kollwitz, and Goya amongst others. Standing in their shadows, I have created this collection of prints in an effort to propel conversation and connection.

In celebration of the completion of the collection, I’m launching a new book entitled “QUIETUS” that compiles the last years’ of my prints together into a beautifully crafted 160+ page coffee-table style hardbound book.

The book will contain a rare behind-the-scenes look at my process, will describe my thoughts and inspirations, and will showcase elegantly photographed details of the copperplates and prints.

I am also pleased to announce that distinguished curator and critic Joseph Bravo, and celebrated artist F. Scott Hess will both be contributing authors to this upcoming publication of Quietus.

Join me in celebrating printmaking and support this cause.

To find out more about the project and support my Indiegogo campaign, please join me by clicking the link below.

This article was written by Joseph Paul Gerges and all images copyright © josephpaulgerges 2019

You can get to know him better on his website.

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