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Intaglio Printing Supplies – Charbonnel

Intaglio Printing Supplies – Charbonnel

Intaglio Printing Supplies – Charbonnel

Inking with love since 1862

During the sixties, the art world is turned upside down by the recent discovery of photography, which meant that the engraving and the printing techniques had a big break at that time.

During this period, François CHARBONNEL works as a chemist in Paris acquiring great skills in chemical engineering and his spirit of discovery led him, in 1862, to create a factory to produce ground inks and varnishes for intaglio and lithographic art printing. The small family-sized business opens up in Paris, on the banks in front of the cathedral Notre-Dame.

In response to the development of photography and photomechanics, and with the revival of the lithographic processes, artists began to organize among themselves and the printing techniques regained strength associated with the strong creative inspiration of that time.

Painters such as PICASSO, RENOIR, DEGAS or MANET become regular clients of CHARBONNEL whose reputation in the matter of intaglio inks has started to cross the borders of France. Poster designers such as LAUTREC or SIGNAC join the famous painters and engravers of their time and also worked a lot with their fantastic products.


Paris, Capital of color (and Printmaking)

F. CHARBONNEL’s factory assures his development by working on new printing process and making out inks and varnishes of an incomparable quality with a performance well above average.

In Paris, many lithographic workshops are created at this time and CHARBONNEL increases his production in order to answer the demand.

These good times last until 1930, when the birth of a new photomechanical process, the offset, will turn upside down the life of many ink and varnishes makers. Printmaking gets back its status as an authentic piece of art while losing as a printing process.

Nowadays, more than 150 years after its birth, CHARBONNEL continues to manufacture inks and varnishes for intaglio and lithography without ever losing the quality that characterized it from the beginning. The association with the number one in fine paint LEFRANC & BOURGEOIS enabled the brand to keep his status of unchallenged worldwide reference in the matter of art printmaking inks.

The TOP choice of the most demanding printmakers, CHARBONNEL inks feature pigments chosen for their vibrancy, low acidity, and exceptional lightfastness. Blended with top-quality oils and finely milled.

Their inks have ensured trouble-free printings and lasting works of art since 1862 and will continue to do so. They’re excellent for all forms of intaglio, lithography, and monotype.

The magnificent CHARBONNEL shop can be visited in its original address:

Charbonnel Shop

13 quai Montebello

75005 PARIS

If you are interested in acquiring this precious ink, click here.

You can also visit the official website of this magnificent brand:

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  • David Greg Taylor March 18, 2018 at 5:35 pm

    I use Charbonnel Aqua Wash inks for intaglio prints. Amazing results. Rich, wide tonal range. I love that I can be nontoxic and get proofs as good as anything I’ve ever done with inks that require petroleum-based thinners for cleanup.

    • TOP Team March 18, 2018 at 5:38 pm

      Thanks for your comment David.
      Soon we will have an article on Charbonnel Aqua Wash inks as well. 😉


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