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Dali Divine Comedy Prints – Inferno Series
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Dali Divine Comedy Prints – Inferno Series

Inferno Series (The Divine Comedy)

Original Color Woodcuts by Salvador Dalí

Published in 1960 by Les Heures Claires, Paris, France.
Printed on Bfk Rives Paper
Dimensions: 10 X 13 Inches.

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Inferno#1 The Delightful Mount

Inferno #2Reassurance

Inferno #3 Charon

Inferno #4News of the Limbos

Inferno #5 Minos

Inferno #6 Cerberus

Inferno #7 The Avaricious and the Prodigal

Inferno #8 The Irascible

Inferno #9The Furies

Inferno #10Farinata

Inferno #11 In dark limbo

Inferno #12The Minotaur

Inferno #13 The wood and the Suicide

Inferno #14 The Blasphemers

Inferno #15The Seducers

Inferno #16 In the hands of Antaeus

Inferno #17On Geryon’s back

Inferno #18The Flatterer

Inferno #19The Simoniac

Inferno #20 The Black Cherub

Inferno #21 Fraud

Inferno #22The Corrupt

Inferno #23Ugolino and Ruggieri

Inferno #24The Punishment of Vanni Fucci

Inferno #25 The Centaur

Inferno #26 The Sodomites

Inferno #27The Logician Devil

Inferno #28Bertram dal Bornio

Inferno #29Mohammed

Inferno #30Gianni Schicchi’s bite

Inferno #31The prophecy of Vanni Fucci

Inferno #32The traitor of Montaperti

Inferno #33Manto

Inferno #34The Waterfall of the Phlegethon

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  • Colleen February 28, 2018 at 12:40 am

    Wow! I had no idea that Dali did this! I love when an artist creates illustrations for books. If I had to pick my two favorites would be #10 Farinata and #22 The Corrupt. To be honest, some of these frighten me; they are very dark. I like more of the tamer ones. What a great subject. Thank you for this information.

    • TOP Team February 28, 2018 at 10:53 am

      Many thanks for the visit Collen.
      These images are from Hell (Inferno)… some are really strong and actually can be scary for some people.
      But you did well and made an excellent choice! 😉


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